WCMAD Helping Shelter for All Koreatown, our Ktown Neighbor


Hi friends,

For this month / week we'll be helping Shelter for All Koreatown with their homeless outreach in Koreatown. 

Sunday, 9/9 at 3:30pm-6:00pm. 

Meet at Piper's Restaurant, 222 N Western Ave (park in the back lot)

- 3:30pm - 6:00pm

As soon as everything is ready to go, we'll be hitting the streets and checking in on our unsheltered neighbors. We'll be providing food, water, supplies, and resource guides. 

Goals: Provide much needed aid, build relationships with people living on Ktown's streets, and develop a network of compassionate locals ready to help our most vulnerable neighbors. 

We need the following items:

tents, blankets, clothes, sandwich bags, hand sanitizer, combs, wet wipes, soap, socks, disposable washcloths, lotion, vaseline, deodorant, alcohol pads, toothpaste, drawstring pants or shorts, t-shirts, cup noodles, jars of peanut butter and jelly

Dress code: Close-toed shoes, comfortable clothes that will allow for bending and lifting things. It will be sunny and hot - dress accordingly! 

Since we'll be handling food, please don't come if you're sick. Stay home and stay hydrated :)

Will you come?

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