POWER to the People - Meet n Greet w/ Kenneth Mejia & Team

Come have some delicious sausage link sandwiches and have a drink as well while learning about our campaign!
It's time to take POWER away from the elites and give it BACK to the PEOPLE!
The 2-party system has failed the people and the community of Los Angeles and the United States. While the people at the top exploit the working class and cater to their corporate billionaire donors, the people on the bottom are left for the scraps. WE know who our real enemies are and they're NOT immigrants, people of color, foreigners, the LGBTQ community, the poor, or the working class, it's the people at the TOP that the 2-party system has ENABLED time and time again.
Learn about our historic campaign and why we are running to bring about a REAL Political Revolution across the United States!
WE are Green, WE are the PEOPLE, these are OUR STREETS!
Martine Monaghan William Benshoof Claudia blauser

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Martine Monaghan
William Benshoof
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