Proposal: Right Direction Mentor Program

We all need a little help to head in the right direction


Here's a thought. If elected into Congress, I want to create a program of "Life Coaches" or "Life Advisers" or "Life Mentors" for the working class making less than an annual gross income of $30,000 ($14.42/hr) if you are single or $50,000 if you are a household.

One of the toughest things I've seen in LA or in the US in general is figuring out "where do I start"?

I just moved to a new city, "where do I start?"
I need to get health insurance, "where do I start?"
I need to put my kids in school, "where do I start?"
I need to put my kids in sports programs, "where do I start?"
I need to find a way of transportation, "where do I start?"
I need to get car insurance, "where do I start?"
I need to find a job that suits my skills, "where do I start?"
I need to find an apartment or buy a home, "where do I start?"
I need to find affordable and healthier food options, "where do I start?"

Personally, one of the greatest things that I can be to somebody is a mentor. I've gotten people jobs at great companies by showing them how to get there. I've gotten little kids good at sports by practicing with them and telling them the type of mentality they need to have in order to get better. I've gotten people to help others by inspiring them to help others without seeking any type of return or acknowledgement. I've gotten people to cherish the life that they are given by showing them that many people are not as fortunate as they are (1st world problems to be exact).

Having a mentor or someone there to advise you on "how to get somewhere" is something I feel only those with "connections, friends, or family" have the luxury of having. Many ordinary working class Americans who barely make a living wage OR don't make a living wage, don't have that luxury...

That's because a lot of people don't know where to go to ask for help. A lot of people are afraid to ask for help because they might be ashamed or feel desperate. Or people have been trying so hard that they just decided to give up and settle for the status quo or not even try to reach the status quo.

Although, I have gotten the status quo to work for me, I don't just stop with myself, but I want everyone else to have the same chances I got. Some of the greatest mentors I had were my elders, my coaches, my professors, my coworkers, my bosses, and random people I've met on the street.

I wouldn't have gotten to where I am now if it weren't for others giving me a chance to prove myself. That's why I like to help people and act as a mentor to others as much as I can. I like being able to tell someone "you should start here" and then catching up with them a few months down the road and see that they are heading in the right direction or "doing great!". Even better yet when they start acting as a mentor to someone else! It's called paying it forward.

These Life Coaches/Mentors/Advisers would be readily available free of charge to those making less than the stated amounts above, and they would have periodic checkups to make sure the people they are leading are heading in the right path and making sure everything is okay.

I feel like this can really boost the spirit of many Americans who have lost hope or feel worried all the time about what to do next. I feel that this can also be an opportunity to create many jobs and also make sure people are working to the best of their abilities. I feel that these Life Coaches/Mentors/Advisers can really make someone's life work very "efficiently".

What do you guys think? I'm open to ideas on how to improve the program and requirements/what not. As I said before, any law/bill/program or anything I want to create or pass through Congress, I want to work from a "Bottom-Up approach", and that means working with the people to make the best possible decisions that will affect them and the world around them.

I'm still working on the kinks, but this can be on a voluntary basis from experts, professionals, retired folks, or funded through a reallocation of tax dollars being used on inefficient programs, corporate welfare, and defense spending.

kenny_headshot_crop.jpgPosted by: Kenneth Mejia on December 07, 2016 

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  • commented 2017-04-01 15:22:34 -0700
    I love your Life Coaches/Mentors idea. It sounds sorta like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, but for all ages. I think it’s the kind of idea that can work and the kinks don’t need to be major obstacles…People can find a high-powered iron to iron out those kinks ;-) We desperately need young, energetic, visionary people like you to steer us back onto a positive path! I wish you the greatest success!