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For the past century America has been the world’s leading destination for immigrants. We are a proud nation that values freedom and democracy, but we have not kept our government faithful to this promise. It is time that we, as a country, sort out our domestic affairs. It is no secret that when the world sees innocent men, women, and children being slaughtered on our streets; when they see police officers dressed as military commandos assaulting our fellow citizens; when they hear stories of a child dying of a curable disease because of financial limitations; when parents working several jobs are not able to make ends meet - they will unavoidably question America, and the ‘American Dream’. In order to restore the world’s faith in us, we must work intelligently and multilaterally; not simply point a gun, depose a leader, and expect a nation to follow suit. This is what the conquistadors used to do. We are no conquistadors. We are Americans.

We are fortunate to live in Los Angeles, California, a state that represents the values that shape our country. This is ever more true and important today, when we have a President who plans to disbar thousands of Americans, who seeks to constrict our liberties.

Do not forget that what happens thousands of miles away will certainly have an impact on our everyday life. Do not forget the interplay of foreign on domestic, and domestic on foreign affairs. This is not the time to shut ourselves off. If elected, we will work tirelessly to defend and promote our values at home and abroad. We will make sure that we work multilaterally, to advance our interests, which do not automatically exclude others’ interests, as many of today’s problems are transnational in nature. We will work hard towards a foreign policy that works for all stratus of society; it is time we do away with free trade in favor of sustainable trade, one that works for our small and medium size businesses, and not just the few multinationals. A foreign policy that does not base itself on scapegoating society’s minorities due to fear and misunderstanding. A foreign policy that helps like minded countries, and that uphold basic human rights and decency. A foreign policy that augments our domestic policy by attracting foreign aid for the high purposes of research and development, and that empowers our youth.

California is a prime example of how we can do this. This is a state who has relied heavily on it's ability to win over hearts and minds without coercion. It has been capable of attracting some of the most brilliant minds in the world, and to integrate different nations into one. The 34th Congressional district is emblematic of this, where different cultures have been living side-by-side, peacefully. Do we have differences? Yes, undoubtedly. But this does not mean we cannot solve our mutual problems via dialogue. The world we live in is increasingly interconnected, and suffers from major problems that one country alone cannot solve; whether this may be terrorism or global inequality.



  1. We will work multilaterally to advance U.S. interests, not force it upon other nations through regime change.
  2. We will seek peace. We will advocate for the use of diplomacy and not wage unless attacked or facing an immediate, unavoidable attack.
  3. We will work with countries that do not violate human rights, including women's rights and labor rights. We prioritize foreign aid to governments whose actions are consistent with our values and principles.
  4. We will audit military spending, to find any wasteful spending or fraudulent charges from sub-contractors.
  5. We will create partnerships with other countries to grow small and medium businesses to bring jobs to the US.
  6. Reducing our military budget by 50%. Currently we use 50% of our discretionary budget on military spending.



Trade: We will renegotiate or withdraw from trade agreements like NAFTA to eliminate rules that enable investor-to-state lawsuits that can overturn health, safety, and environmental protections.

Finance: We will forgive the sovereign debt of highly-indebted developing countries and push for the IMF and World Bank to forgive these debts as well.

Sustainability: We will fund and transfer technology for renewable energy and environmental sustainability to developing countries as part of our commitment to stop climate disruption.

Climate: We will negotiate a follow up to the Paris climate accords so the world has a better chance of avoiding catastrophic climate disruption.

Robots: We will establish international regulation of standards for autonomous robots and drones so that they do not develop into a threat against humans.

Nuclear: We will negotiate with other nations to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Sea: We will negotiate protections for international waters to prevent unregulated fishing, mining, construction, and dumping, including within Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs), because the world's oceans are connected and pollution will flow. We will also promote the elimination of dirty bunker fuels from shipping, which is one of the major contributors to climate change.

Space: We will negotiate a United Nations treaty to ban weapons in space and to regulate the use of space and orbits.

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    I’m really satisfied to find this site.I need to thank you only for this brilliant read!!I unquestionably loved each and every piece of it and likewise have you bookmarked to see new stuff on your site. Especially the quality of content on your website.Keep up the immense written work.
  • Margaret Boardman
    commented 2017-04-04 18:49:03 -0700
    Good luck Kenneth, go get em, the people will be behind you!!!
  • S K Willis
    commented 2017-04-01 17:08:00 -0700
    Q: What is our current foreign policy based on? A: Imperialistic Global Hegemony. Our so-called foreign policy and our Department of State cry out for a complete overhaul. We need a realistic and transformative view of our place in the world, sooner rather than later…This would be truly revolutionary.
  • kenneth mejia
    published this page in Issues 2017-02-11 03:32:05 -0800