Electoral Reform




Our entire election process needs a complete overhaul. We have secretaries of states who are partisan and show their support for candidates even before the election happens and they're the ones certifying the vote. We saw voter rolls purged and unwarranted voter registration changes, hand counted ballots not matching machine counts, voters given provisional ballots instead of their official ballots, and polling places understaffed or closed down causing overcrowding and long wait lines.

We have a 2-party system that shuts out any real change or opposition, and our current elected officials would rather "party line" as long as it keeps them in power than address the concerns of the people. 60% of Americans want a 3rd party option but the Democrats and Republicans want all the power to themselves.

The sad part is we are not a Democracy, we are an Oligarchy ran by the two-party system. We have lots of work to do in our electoral process because the only way a real people's party like the Green Party has a chance is if we build a people's movement and demand the change in our political processes.


  • WE will push for Ranked Choice Voting so that there will be no more voting out of fear or the lesser of 2 evils. According to the Alameda County which currently has ranked choice voting: If a candidate receives a majority (50%+1) of the first-choice votes cast for that office, that candidate will be elected. However, if no candidate receives a majority of the first-choice votes cast, an elimination process begins. The candidate who received the fewest first-choice votes is eliminated. Next, each vote cast for that candidate will be transferred to the voter's next-ranked choice among the remaining candidates. This elimination process will continue until one candidate receives a majority and is deemed the winner. It is time to remove this politics of fear.
  • WE would push for a proportional representation electoral system where all people and parties have a greater chance to have a seat in the political process. According to the Green Party, Proportional Representation depends on having at least some multi-member districts or at-large voting, where seats can be apportioned according to the percentage that different parties (or groups of like-minded voters) achieve. Proportional Representation is seen throughout Europe and also in some cities like Peoria, Illinois, where half of the city council members are voted for directly in their district and the other half do not represent a specific district, but the city as a whole (at-large). 
  • WE would work to end the electoral college and instead have a proportional point system where each point equals a certain amount of people. For example, if California had 55 points, and 70% went for candidate A, and 30% for candidate B, candidate A would get 38.5 points and candidate B would get 16.5 points. Candidate A would NOT get ALL 55 points like our current system does. This way, bigger states like California or Texas don't decide the election every time and gives a chance to smaller states to have a say, but without the winner take all process. 
  • WE will make all voting paper based and hand counted by independent agencies separate of any major political parties such as UN election monitors counting the ballots over a 2-month process to ensure accuracy and election integrity.
  • WE will work to end Gerrymandering where district lines are drawn that strategically keep political parties in power by dividing communities which they will support or oppose their candidates.
  • WE will push for National Holidays on Election Days.



  • WE will work to lower the voting requirement to 16 years old. We must empower the youth who are paying attention and want to have a say in their future. If they can drink poisoned water, watch their parents lose their jobs, or not be able to afford health insurance and go to college, then they should have a say in those policy decisions that systemically create these negative situations.
  • WE will push for Automatic Voter Registration at the legal voting age requirement of 16. WE believe that everyone deserves to be part of the political process automatically as their right as U.S. citizens.
  • WE will work to end the stringent Voting ID Requirements suppressing the vote especially in poor communities, communities of color, and rural areas. The only form of ID you need is any city, state, or federal ID needed to vote. 
  • WE will also work to restore voting rights to those who have a police record, including those in prison.



  • WE will work to push for a constitutional amendment to end Citizens United and get big money out of politics Corporations are not people and should not be allowed to give endless amounts of money to influence elections.
  • WE will work to ban all corporate lobbyists from giving money to legislators, who essentially write our laws.
  • WE will push for public campaign financing so that anyone could run for office, not just those who have money. In addition, fair and equal media time as well for all candidates and parties.



  • WE will push for Open Elections where every voter can vote for his or her candidate regardless of what party the candidate is affiliated with or not.
  • WE will push for Open Debates for all televised federal level debates. The people want to know about other options, not just the candidate from the 2 main parties. Just recently, a U.S. District Court Judge said the "evidence is voluminous and shows that the Commission on Presidential Debates, and particular commissioners, are not non-partisan when they act to keep all presidential candidates (except for the Democratic and Republican nominees) out of the general election debates". 76% of Americans wanted open debates during the 2016 Presidential Debates.

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  • S K Willis
    commented 2017-04-01 16:37:53 -0700
    If the poor in this country were truly enfranchised and made to feel a part of society, perhaps they would vote. Consider, for a moment, the potential impact of that!
  • kenneth mejia
    published this page in Issues 2017-02-09 01:02:28 -0800