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13112767_603955003119291_665549943270145898_o_(1).jpgWhen I heard about Bernie Sanders, I was 25 years-old and I’ve never voted in my life. I didn't really care too much for politics. I didn't care about the Democratic or Republican party. I didn't care about political conservatives or political liberals. I didn't care about political left or political right.

I care about children and parents. I care about parents worrying if they can put their kids through school, pay for their family’s medical bills, put a roof over their head, or put food in their mouth. I often asked myself growing up, how come people have to work so hard to live a decent life. It shouldn’t be that way.

I heard a lot of Bernie's critics say that what he was doing was impossible and unrealistic, and was giving free handouts, making people "feel entitled". They said that “everyone is given the same chance to succeed” and you know what I say to these critics?

I definitely disagree that everyone is given the same chance to succeed as everyone else. There is this thing called "privilege". Is there a reason why Bernie keeps talking about wealth and income inequality for the past 10,000 speeches? Why a majority of the country has so few but the few have so many? Does it not bother people that someone has to work for 10-20 years to make something out of themselves or even open up a small business trying to live the American Dream? I worked in the financial services industry and I could care less about how much money I made, hell, I give lots to taxes but I don't really see it coming back to the community! I don’t mind paying more in taxes if it would actually help people because I can still live a comfortable life, and have enough for the future and my family.

I care about the condition of the majority of the people living in this country. These are people who are struggling in this world who are good people trying to do their best for their kids, family, for all of us. The majority of these people might be you, your family, your friends, a coworker, or just a neighbor down the street. These people don't need "handouts"! These people just need a “CHANCE". That's what Bernie was doing and what our campaign aims to do.

We need to find Congress men and women who are just as passionate about real issues here in our country. It sounds impossible because we’re used to what’s been fed to us over the past years that we don’t see a way out of a hole this government has already dug up for ourselves.

Civil rights, desegregation of race, our first black president, women’s rights, a minimum wage, marriage equality, parents having the opportunity to come to this country to provide a better life for their children, and many other great achievements; ALL of these are great examples of what people have fought for and won when millions of people came together!



When asked why don't I run as a Democrat again in a Democratic stronghold like Los Angeles' Congressional District 34, I tell them because the people of Los Angeles are tired of establishment Politics by the Democrats and Republicans. 

I WAS a Democrat and even ran as a Democrat for Congress in the 2016 Primary as a Write-in and garnered 1,177 write-in votes with 2 months of campaigning. Now things are different... OUR eyes are opened. 

What we fear will happen, HAS ALREADY HAPPENED under Democratic leadership. 

From record level deportations of 2.5+ million undocumented immigrants, to more war and regime change (Syria & Libya), drone strikes, mass incarceration, privatization of Healthcare, Wall Street deregulation, disastrous free trade agreements like NAFTA, weakened unions by not passing the Employee Free Choice Act, not fighting for universal healthcare through single payer, receiving billions of dollars from corporations and Wall Street who influence legislation, destroying our planet with fossil fuels and natural gas, to not taking a stance on #NODAPL. The list could go on.

We tried to give the party a chance when we saw an actual public servant like Bernie Sanders join the party. But the Democratic Party shut him down AND our countless hours of blood, sweat, tears, and hard-earned $27 donations. 

Bernie Sanders left the Democratic Party and is an Independent, but his values are truly "Democratic - for the people". That is why I joined the Green Party, because their values and their platform align more with Bernie Sanders and are more "Democratic" than the Democratic Party itself. 

These are the Green Party's Ten Key Values:

1. Grassroots Democracy
2. Social Justice And Equal Opportunity
3. Ecological Wisdom
4. Non-Violence
5. Decentralization
6. Community-Based Economics
7. Feminism And Gender Equity
8. Respect For Diversity
9. Personal And Global Responsibility
10. Future Focus And Sustainability

We are an eco-socialist party. We believe that healthcare, education, and housing are human rights. We believe in criminal justice reform, a welcoming pathway to citizenship, and grassroots democracy in our political process. We believe in protecting our environment over profit and that we should transition to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030. Most importantly, we don't receive money from corporate interests. 

This Spring 2017, we're hoping to earn your support and your vote in California's 34th Congressional District of Los Angeles in a Special Election. We have the opportunity to break the status quo, the 2-party system that has controlled our lives since day 1. 

Please join in, and let's continue the Political Revolution that Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein started and BREAK the status quo, NOT SHAKE UP. 

Our campaign will put the most vulnerable people FIRST: the working class, the disappearing middle class, the poor, the homeless community, immigrants, people of color, the senior citizens, the disabled, and LGBTQ Community because when millions of people come together from all backgrounds, we can accomplish anything!


kenny_headshot_crop.jpgPosted by: Kenneth Mejia 

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  • commented 2018-01-15 04:32:04 -0800
    Kenneth is best in politics he is a winner in a true sense I love it about their suggestions and innovative ideas I am proud of him that I support him. Through is link we can get more information about Kenneth.
  • commented 2017-03-26 10:37:28 -0700
    Man, you’ve inspired me. I too want to run for Congress but I have no idea on how to do it. I just moved to the Palmdale area and I feel that I can bring about real change, realistic and innovative ideas. If you have any contact information that would be great, and godspeed with your success.
  • commented 2017-03-09 20:56:40 -0800
    Kenneth is a winner and I and my Web-Team at are ALL-IN for Kenneth I am proud to support him with the video I shot embedded above. In Solidarity!
  • commented 2017-02-17 21:23:41 -0800
    Thanks for your service!! <3
  • commented 2017-02-17 18:57:21 -0800
    Love what you are doing! I feel the same and cannot support the DNC. Nothing but Goldman-Sachs with a rainbow flag. I live in LA but not in the 34th. I can’t vote for you but can spread the word!